Comments about Jack's Programs

Here are just a few excerpts from the many student and teacher comments that Jack Glatzer has received regarding his student solo violin programs:
"The way you played, it made me think you were Paganini." — Nikki
"Thank you for performing at the Junior School. I liked it when you played the violin and when you showed the pictures." — Amelia
"It absolutely took my breath away when you played. It's hard to believe that
you aren't Paganini himself. It was the best violinist performance I've ever seen, and I've seen a lot!"
— Megan
"I take piano, and I like Bach a lot." — Charles
"Thank you for performing the concert. I loved the way you played the lovely music. I have never heard such music before." — Daniel
"I think I learned more about Bach than ever." — B.J.
"Thank you for the wonderful concert you put on for us. The slides were wonderful, the music was wonderful, everything was wonderful." — Sarah
"I think you're probably the best violinist alive right now ... I always hum that last number you played. In fact, me and my friend were humming it on the bus just this morning. PS. I play the percussion." — Tim
"When I heard your music I really felt what Paganini was going through. My favorite part was when you imitated the flute and the bagpipes." — Kerry
"I think that your concert was phenomenal, and that you are the best. If Paganini was still around, he would applaud the most. You inspired me to practice my viola. I really do wish you'd come again." — Jake
"Now I appreciate classical music like my parents. You're the best violin player I have every heard."
"Your show was wonderful. You explained everything so we could understand. When you talked about Paganini, I was all ears."
"Thank you so much for your fantastic concert. You do a wonderful job informing and educating while exposing all of us to the music of the violin. It was truly an honor to have you here. The students in my class were very impressed, and I'm sure will remember this assembly for quite some time. Thank you again for sharing your knowledge and your gift with us." — Phyllis Melsaether.