Jack Glatzer's Recordings & Musical Samples

Among Glatzer's recordings are the violin works by the Portuguese composer, Claudio Carneyro, violin sonatas by Canadian composers, Robert Turner, Sophia Eckhart-Gramatee, Murray Adaskin and Trios by Debussy and Henry Cowell with the Manitoba Trio. He also recorded Irkanda I by the australian composer Peter Sculthorpe. The recording of all the Locatelli Caprices was acclaimed by American Audio: " A most extraordinary technique and with it a perfect sense of pitch, executed with never the slightest wobble - it's amazing."

Of his recording of solo works by Bartok, Bloch and de Sousa, the prestigious Strad wrote: "An impressive arsenal of technical stunts is needed to negotiate the thorny 12 - tone score. Glatzer rises to the occasion through his ease in executing musical tongue-twisters and his ability to make such difficult music emotionally appealing."

Glatzer's recording made in London of the 24 Caprices of Paganini was released In 1998, it is presently in it's third edition. Glatzer has added to the musical performance a viva-voce description of the Caprices. It includes anecdotes and historical background from paganini's life as well as technical details of the music in order to enhance the pleasure of listening and elucidate. In addition to his concert career.

Recently released is 'Bach in the Cathedral' - a live recording made in the acoustically magnificent Cathedral of St Helena in Helena, Montana. Glatzer collaborated in this recording with Joseph Munzenrider in performance of the sonatas in e minor and A Major for violin and harpsichord and also performed the solo Partita in d minor.